About Us


Impactful Story for Everybody


OMG! My Story is a social enterprise dedicated to critically unveil realities through storytelling. We create impactful stories for everybody. We are a storytelling platform striving to provide medium for creative minds and talents in the Southeast Asia to showcase their creative works to the world.

Life is all about what and how we tell it


OMG! My Story is all about our and your stories as life is only a series of stories. The reality of life is what people convey through talks, speech and news. We choose storytelling to say what needed to say – It can be a drama, tragedy, comedy or satire. Above all, we just try to be honest. Sometimes, it’s sad and dark while other times it can be joyful. After all, we are a storytelling platform. For us. it will be much more interesting to read or hear story being told than just hearing or reading speeches or talks. We try to keep pace with what happens in our world by regularly creating and releasing impactful stories after stories in the form of comic, short video and movie, drawing, songs and any other creative forms.

We are a creator’s platform


Creative talents and minds are actually in abundance across Southeast Asia. However, creative works in this part of the world are rarely mentioned, let alone recognized globally. OMG! My Story is created to exactly address this condition, providing medium for the region’s creators to showcase their talents and their works and allowing them to cross collaborate among themselves and with players and individuals in private sectors, such as corporations and civil society groups, as well as public offices of the governments across the world.

We strive for acknowledgment and revenues for creators


Showcasing creative works is one thing. We bridge creators and their creative works to public awareness, finding their markets and business partners. Our ultimate goal is for our creators to join forces with other parties to do cross collaboration in a mutually beneficial and viable journey allowing our creators and their works to be acknowledged and adequately rewarded financially while benefitting the society as whole.