Our Team


Okky Madasari

Okky is the founder and creator of OMG! My Story. She is a novelist, essayist and researcher. She currently lives in Singapore.


M. Ghufroni An’ars

Ghufron was born on October 28, 1996 in Lampung, Sumatra Island’s southern-most part. He finished his Master’s in Indonesian Language and Literature in 2020, and has been active in drawing since 2016.

contact: ghufroni.anars@gmail.com, WA +6288995211128
Twitter & Ig @gufranars
blog: www.anars.xyz


Muhammad Harir

Coming from Pati, a small town in the north part of Central Java, Harir gets his bachelor degree in chemistry in 2020. However, drawing is his first love, and he has been in it since 2013.

contact: muhammadharir98@gmail.com, WA +62895384046669
Twitter & Instagram @haririyat